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Sharada Bal Gram : Introduction

Sharada Bal Gram is an institute under the guidance ship of Ramakrishna Mission. This is situated at city center, Sachin Tendulkar Marg in Gwalior district of Madhya Pradesh.

Ramakrishna Mission is a well renowned organization under which Sharada Bal Gram was established 57 years ego on 02nd October 1959. Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama is an English medium school which is run from standard 01st to 12th and is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. Other than this it also operates school for physically impaired and mentally retarded students, who come from different segments of society. The parents of such children are also provided training to handle them. The institute for such purpose is named as “Roshni” which is successfully operating since 1998 under Ramakrishna Mission. Physically and mentally impaired students are taught basic education with commercial aspects so as to establish them in the regular streams of today’s society and make their life purposeful. Apart from this one music college named as Sharada Nad Mandir was also established in a separated building in the campus in 1994. In this college how to play various instruments like Tabla, Sitar, Violin and other instruments and classical dances are also taught. The premises also have a temple of Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa and a prayer hall, where every evening prayers are held and yoga preached.

Students belonging to poor category and needy people from nearby vicinities are provided with free medical Facility for which a charity dispensary established in the year 1966, which is successfully operating since then. Every day people from down trodden sections come here to get free treatment. The premises also have a library with a huge reading hall. This was established in 1960 where numerous books on different subject about the rare literature and epics are available in Hindi and English both languages.

Sharada Bal Gram under aegis of Ramakrishna Mission was provided a huge land piece by the than Chief Minister Mr. Sundar Lal Patwa of Madhya Pradesh Government. The land area is spread in 50 acres. This land is situated in Gwalior’s south east region and in serene location of Gwalior. The area is surrounded by green forest all around.

Sharada Bal Gram is developed in a very beautiful way, the beauty of nature can be enjoyed here. More over its surroundings are full of forest having plantation of various fruit and herb trees.

There is an orphanage for nearly 150 students from different castes, separate hostel is constructed for their habitation. They are provided with their day to day needs in the form of cloth & stationery as well as the school uniform is also provided to them by Ashrama Administration. The management is focusing on conduction of various activities under the successful guidance of its principal Swami Supradiptananda Ji Maharaj. The other activities includes agriculture, Mushroom Production, Rakhal Goushala, production of wormy post and bee keeping etc.

One water treatment plant is also commissioned here to purify polluted water as reusable, Bio gas plant is being constructed for domestic use with the help of cow dung.

On the part of providing excellence in academic education Tata Class Edge’s help is taken. There are many other activities also successfully run here. Regular workshops are organized by Maa Shakti Centre Mumbai on stress management in which all teachers, students and many common men participate.

Agriculture :- Approximately 15 to 25 acres of land is utilized for this purpose with the latest Zerotil’s farming process, according to which after initially ploughing field for once the crops can be taken successfully for coming 20 years and thereby reducing the ploughing cost, fuel and safeguarding the time and equipments. With the help of this process many vegetables such as tomato, potato, cabbage, cauliflower, chilies, brinjal etc are grown. Similarly for producing feed for cows of Goushala the same technique is used.
To meet out the need of physical labor the help of residing students is also taken in this way they learn the knowledge of farming.

Mushroom Production :- Sharada Bal Gram has initiated in the direction of producing mushroom. The special technique adopted helped in producing large quantum of output with least efforts. We are able to produce 15 to 20 kg mushroom every month and which is utilized as nutritious food for the children residing in hostel premises here. This also help them to learn the technique of mushroom production to earn their livelihood in future.

Raakhal Gaushala :- Sharada Bal Gram has also established one Gaushala named as Raakhal Gaushala in which cows of special GIR breed are kept. These cows are named as Gauri, Parvati & Narmada and the male ox is named as Shambhu. The milk produced by these cows is used as a nourishment feed for the orphan children living here. With the increase of cattle here the future plan is to produce various milk products to be used for the children residing here.

Jeewamrit :- The Excretes of these cows is used for purposeful needs and utilized in producing various aryurvedic medicines by various means which are helpful for human and agricultural purposes.

Worm Culture :- Manure produced here with the help of worms is used in the local agricultural purpose. Sharada Bal Gram is able to produce approximately 160 kg of worm post and it is used in the plantation inside the premises.

Bee Keeping :- Initiatives are being taken in this field too. It has been planned to produce approximately 30 liters of honey in the coming future. Students here will also be taught the process of bee keeping. This will helps them to become independent.

Water Treatment Plant :- Recently one water treatment plant is installed in the premises. In this plant the polluted water could be treated and made usable for other purposes with highly advanced technique. This treated water is used in the watering and cultivating purpose for the plant and the farms respectively.

Bio Gas Plant :- Installation of one domestic biogas plant is proposed near the main kitchen where the dung / excretes will be used and cycled to produced domestic gas which will be used for cooking purpose.

Medical Aid :- One medical center is provided for the medical assistance to the needy people. This provide medical aid for residing people as well as for the people of nearby vicinities.

Tata Class Edge :- Keeping in mind the demanding needs of the modern age different advanced techniques are adopted in the present education system. Help of Tata class Edge is taken to modernize the teaching techniques with the help of computers to make them modern and smart.

Shiva & Hanumana Temple :- Temples of lord Shiva and Hanumana are founded in the premises students and others offer their worships and prayers in these temple and attain spiritual strength in themselves. They buildup the character strong and moral high and developed.

Tree Plantation :- Tree plantation work has continuously been taken for past so many years by the students of this school. This is so as to grow fruits and herbal trees, because of this activity the greenery is developed and the surroundings have taken shapes of gardens and mild forests.
The tree plantation activity is regularly held with the help of social and rotary clubs of this region.

Bio Digester :- Sharada Bal Gram is planning to install one bio digester in the premises in the coming future. This will help to utilize polluted water and bio degradable waste and the end product to be used in agriculture.